Top 6 Web Design Agencies As Of December 2022

This list will help you select one of the best web design firms to hire to build or remodel your upcoming website project.

If you’re here, your company is likely in the market to rebuild or create a brand-new website from scratch. The best and most efficient way to reach your destination with minimal stress is to hire one of the best website design agencies on the market.

What companies make our list of the top web design agencies? We’ll answer that and give you tips to help you navigate through each process involved in the construction of your new website.

Source: UPQODE

UPQODE is a web design agency and development company based in Nashville, Tennessee. UPQODE specializes in building responsive websites with Shopify web design. The company is known for creating sleek user interfaces that are fully optimized for functionality while creating an incredible visual aesthetic that always catches the eye.

UPQODE’s partners rave about the web designer’s SEO optimization skills, fast turnaround, and quality content writing. The company boldly pronounces, ‘We’re passionate about online success’ on its website. Let’s take a look at what else UPQODE has to say regarding its business:

We, at UPQODE, are passionate about transparency, reliability, trust and outstanding customer care — we aren’t happy with our creation until you are. We take tremendous care of your needs. We understand your business goals and deliver them according to your business values. We do that by taking enormous care of our people — talented world-leading web design specialists who know how to create your online success.

What else makes UPQODE unique?

UPQODE goes out of its way to make customers feel like they are not only clients but members of an extended family. Don’t get us wrong, UPQODE always keeps a professional atmosphere during its interactions with customers; however, the company goes beyond the normal client-customer interaction to ensure its customers feel heard and understood.

The company goes about its work in a modern fashion that creates a positive working environment, helping lead to its successful relationships with clients around the globe. UPQODE makes united minds and team collaboration an integral part of its culture — bringing in employees with unique skills and backgrounds to create a team that feels as important as clients, which is important when it comes to delivering quality work for the company’s clients.

What about the UPQODE family spirit?

UPQODE’s quality comes from knowing how to strike a balance between a serious work environment and a friendly atmosphere, employees aren’t made to feel as if they are walking on eggshells, and everyone understands when it’s time to take care of a task for a client. This aspect of UPQODE’s culture allows it to focus on quality, driving them towards its goal of satisfying its client’s needs and retaining their services long-term.

UPQODE’s Awards

UPQODE has an impressive list of awards to its name, including being recognized by Clutch as one of Nashville’s ‘Top Digital Agencies,’ GoodFirms awarded UPQODE as one of its ‘Top Web Design Companies,’ recognized the company as one of its ‘Best Website Design Agencies,’ Expertise awarded UPQODE as ‘Best Web Designers in Nashville’ in 2020, The Genuine Quality awarded UPQODE as ‘Top UI/UX Design Company’ in 2020, Appfutura recognized the web design agency as ‘Top Custom Software Development Company,’ and numerous other awards and recognitions.

Source: Pexels

Since 2016, UPQODE has worked with 349 unique customers, proving the company provides top web design services which meet every customer’s needs.

Source: Pexels

128 Digital is a digital-native branding agency based out of Chicago, Illinois. According to the company website, 128 Digital offers a plethora of services for potential customers including user interface and user experience design, helping build clients’ brand identity, providing marketing and search engine optimization services, and unique no-code website solutions.

Let’s take a look in detail at what 128 Digital offers.

According to the 128 Digital website, the company has a reputation that allowed them to gain major brands and corporations as clients. The web design firm has worked with Samsung, UPS, Tedx, Orange, Cricket Scotland, Ovulife MD, Ancestry, and numerous other recognizable businesses.

128 Digital is a web design agency that specializes in shaping website interfaces and experiences that convert leads to customers. When it comes to appealing to brands like Samsung, 128 Digital is well within its rights to claim its user interface and user experience transform potential clients into clients for its customers.

The same applies to 128 Digital’s approach to brand identity or, as the company says, building brands that can make their own mark in the marketplace. As we stated earlier, the best web design services will be able to build your brand and stand out from others within your vertical. From our research, 128 Digital is a web design company that distinguishes itself in this regard.

128 Digital is also among the top web design agencies when it comes to helping brands become the best version of themselves. Regarding its marketing and search engine optimization services, 128 Digital says it excels at constructing content and marketing strategies essential for each step of your business. Having a proper marketing strategy in place is vital for the overall health of your company, especially if you aren’t representing a multinational corporation like Samsung.

128 Digital also focuses on no-code solutions to help scale their clients’ businesses. What exactly is a no-code solution? That is a great question for a business owner who wants to be able to make small adjustments to their website without hiring a professional website design agency.

No-code development is a specific web development technique that allows non-programmers and programmers to create sleek web designs using a graphical user interface instead of code. This method allows non-coders to get across the coding barrier, meaning you, as the website owner, will be able to understand how a web design agency created your site.

Source: TopNotch Dezigns

TopNotch Dezigns is a web design firm and digital marketing agency based in Melville, New York, and the company lives up to its branding. TopNotch Dezigns specializes in branding, digital marketing, web design, web development, support & hosting, and also aids in app development — making TopNotch Dezigns well worthy of its spot on this list.

Let’s take a look at what TopNotchDezigns says about itself on its extremely sleek and straightforward website:

We are an award-winning digital agency that is passionate, dedicated, and committed toward delivering excellent results. We take pride in our outstanding communication skills, and make it a point to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We began operations in Brooklyn in 2004, and later on, expanded to Long Island, Los Angeles and London. With more than 18 years of experience, we understand that the best way to attract and retain customers is by creating memorable online experiences.

We realize that the online world continues to evolve, which is why we take time to keep up with the latest in trends and technologies.

Does TopNotch Dezigns live up to its promise?

TopNotch Dezigns commits to listening to customers’ requirements carefully to ensure they create a website or app that is useful in helping build a business. The web design agency has a foothold in application building, making them a perfect option for your business if you also require a new app. TopNotch Dezigns promises all websites and applications the company builds are completely customized and responsive.

The web design agency focuses on a customer-centric approach, allowing it to create unique websites and apps for its clients. If that wasn’t enough to justify TopNotch Dezigns place on our list, the company has been featured in several top publications.

Forbes, Inc. 500, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post,, and The Next Web have all highlighted the quality of TopNotch Dezigns over the years.

What about the awards?

Top Notch Dezigns has seen a lot of recognition throughout the years, having received the following honors for its performance in 2018.

  • ‘Best WordPress Agency,’ ‘Best Website Design Agency,’ and ‘Best Magento Agency.’
  • Clutch: ‘Top Web Developers’ of New York, ‘Top Web Designers’ of New York, and ‘Top Web Designers’ of the United States.

What makes TopNotch Dezigns a great option for your company?

TopNotch Dezigns has a public six-step process they use to deliver quality results to its customers. Let’s investigate each phase of the process.

  • Research: The TopNotch Dezigns team of website designers, strategists, account managers, and technical managers address multiple aspects of the project including brand positioning, target audience, and user flow.
  • Discovery: The best web design agencies take the time to research the competition and develop an appropriate strategy. TopNotch Dezigns uses a discovery phase to complete necessary research and develop a plan of action.
  • Design: You can’t have the best website design without having the design implemented appropriately. During this phase, TopNotch Dezigns creates a website they guarantee will increase conversion and produce noticeable results.
  • Content: During the content phase TopNotch Dezigns deploys its team of writers to craft compelling content that will appeal to your potential customers.
  • Development: TopNotch’s development team ensures a project’s lead engineer and content strategist are on the correct path in completing the project using new technologies and the strategy constructed during the discovery phase.
  • Optimization + Launch: During this phase, the website firm optimizes the site to make sure it can generate as much traffic as possible. This is where search engine optimization plays a key role. After the site is fully optimized, it is launched to the public.
Source: Huemor

Huemor is one of the best web design agencies, which is why we had to include them on this list. The web design agency is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and stands out from the pack due to its quality web design services and its no-nonsense approach.

What are we hinting at?

Let’s take a look at the Huemor website. The company begins with a play on words with a catchy and cute tagline:

Hey, we’re Huemor and our work’s no joke.

However, to really capture the true tone of Huemor and realize just how serious the web design company is about its own company, we will again allow its website to do the talking.

We help companies, big and small, discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online.

We keep our process simple, transparent, and customer-focused. We avoid buzzwords and bullshit — we spend our energy instead focused on creating best-in-class user experiences that translate into the things that matter.

Yes, you read that correctly; if your goal is to get website copy that gets to the point, avoids fluff, and helps your company’s visibility — Huemor may be the company just for you.

What about Huemor’s quality of service?

Web design agencies need effective communication skills to meet clients’ needs and expectations. Despite its no-nonsense approach, Huemor promotes a culture of accessibility for new and returning clients, stating the company goes to great lengths to be responsive and attentive to its client’s needs.

Not only does Huemor deliver some of the best web design services on the market, but it also specializes in helping companies build and expand its brand. What more could you ask for?

On its website, Huemor confidently claims that it will build a website that will exceed the key performance indicators clients provide. When taking a look at Huemor’s long list of clients, it’s clear the company lives up to the hype.

Revlon, Special Olympics, United Nations, Net2Phone, United Way, Glow Recipe, Exiger, and the Humane League are among the high-profile clients Huemor has to its name.

Over the past nine years, Huemor has partnered with approximately one-hundred companies across multiple verticals to help them create and expand an online presence.

What else does Huemor offer?

Huemor can build websites using numerous platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot, and Drupal. It also offers website redesigns for those of you who want a website makeover, conversion optimization for those who want to increase key performance indicators, and also promises to deliver ongoing support after the initial service.

The web design firm can accomplish this by having a flexible plan of action involving a Strategy, Design, and Development phase it tailors to meet the needs of each client and every project. Let’s take a look at what goes into each phase:

  • Strategy: Analytics and Research, Workshops, Brand Development, Content Strategy, Digital Strategy, and a plan for Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Design: Details the Creative Direction for each project, Develops Brand Guides, Creates actionable Prototypes, design the User Interface and User Experience, Visual Asset Creation, and Motion Design
  • Development: System Architecture Design, Full-Stack Development, Deploy 3rd Pary Integrations, Performance Optimization, WordPress Development, and Shopify Development

5. BOP Design

Source: BOP Design

BOP Design is a slightly different animal. The web design agency is a business-to-business firm with locations in San Diego, California; Newport Beach, California; Santa Monica, California; and New York, New York.

How is BOP Design different?

Most companies are business-to-consumer, meaning that are selling products and services to a consumer base. A business-to-business company does not deal with the end consumer, instead selling directly to other businesses.

BOP Design details how it feels business-to-business marketing differs from business-to-consumer marketing on the company website.

B2B client acquisition is not the same as B2C– a B2B website design, brand messaging and content marketing play a much different role. At our B2B marketing agency, we understand the B2B sales funnel and the tactics that generate and nurture ideal client leads.

If your company focuses on selling to other businesses BOP Design is a top choice for you. The web design agency does all levels of content marketing from social media, copywriting, e-mail marketing, blog content, and ensures everything has proper search engine optimization.

BOP Design also creates logos and marketing materials for its clients. BOP specializes in WordPress web development and is known for creating responsive designs that contain a modern and sleek feel.

BOP Design works with companies in a variety of verticals including biotech, consulting, engineering, healthcare, financial, industrial, software, and technology.

Another interesting aspect of BOP Digital is the company offers a regularly updated blog on its website, offering free tips to business owners looking to increase the functionality of their website.

For anyone with business-to-business needs, BOP Design is one of the best website design agencies in existence.

Source: Thrive

Thrive is a web design company based in Seattle, Washington. What makes Thrive worthy of its place on our list of the best web design agencies in the market? Before diving into Thrive’s formula, let’s take a look at what Thrive has to say for itself on its website.

At Thrive we believe in quality over quantity. We’ve focused on assembling a crack team of digital professionals to make sure we deliver amazing results for every client. With the remote nature of our role, we’ve been able to go beyond Seattle to find the right people no matter where they’re located.

As you can see, Thrive is proud of the fact the company finds talent in remote areas across the world and not just in Seattle, Washington. How does that translate into a great web design agency worthy of a spot on our list?

Let us dive into the Thrive formula.

Thrive has a four-step process that begins with the communication phase. Thrive promises to deliver timely and direct communication, which develops a close free-flowing relationship with clients. However, the second part of the Thrive formula is the most interesting, unlike several website designers, Thrive is selective, and only focuses on projects they keenly care about and know they can deliver quality results. If Thrive doesn’t feel they are the best fit, they promise to introduce potential clients to a firm that can deliver for them.

Thrive has a proprietary process they have developed over the years that ensures each project is completed and achieves all the goals its goals have for the website. Finally, Thrive guarantees each team member is experienced in what they do, so the company delivers the best web design services it can.

What else is there to know about Thrive?

While a lot of companies appear to have an open-door policy toward clients, Thrive is quite selective. The company does not develop within Squarespace or Wix, won’t work on small projects that only need a small amount of work done, will reject clients it feels has a reputation of being ‘mean,’ and hints at requiring a sizeable budget to complete quality work.

While that may be alarming, Thrive does deliver web design services in many different fields including web design, branding, copywriting, website maintenance, and digital marketing. Thrive is full of exceptional website designers, and is a great option for your company — even if their approach may seem a little off-putting to some.

Source: Pexels

We’ve covered quite a bit of detail here, however, we realize there are more questions that potential customers may have regarding web design agencies. When it comes to your business, we understand that you may have several questions you want to be answered before making your final decision.

The top website designers do not offer their services for cheap. While companies outside of North America may be cheaper, you could still pay between $40 — $80 per hour. While this rate depends on the firm’s reputation, the rates from international web designers are likely to cost around $15,000 to $25,000 for a modern-looking website with approximately 4-pages.

Freelancers are cheaper options, however, due to most being a one-person team, you won’t get results nearly as quickly as you would when hiring a web design firm. A freelancer could cost anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 for the same amount of work, but expect an entirely different process than laid out today. Not to diminish the work of freelancers, only to inform customers that this blog doesn’t specifically apply to working with freelancers.

Web design agencies in the United States will typically charge between $20,000 to $75,000 for the same level of work depending on the scale of the site and how complex a company would like it to be. It will be up to you to decide if the price difference is worth it after completing additional research, considering your business goals, and investigating how much capital you can allocate from your budget to build a professional website.

If you’re starting from scratch, a lot of variables play into how long it will take for your website to be built. The type of company you run, the size of the website you want, and the operating procedures for the web design firm will all play a role in dictating how long it will take to complete your site.

Companies have to begin with discovery, which can include researching dozens of competitor websites in your field, next a web design agency will build a concept of the site to gain an understanding of what the final build will look like, next they will design the ‘extras’ for the website (animation, graphics, photo, video, etc). Finally, the designers will integrate a content management system, which can be done around the same time as the website design production.

In total it could take between 4 to 5 months to build a website from scratch, so it’s important to plan your website far in advance.

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question, as every company will have different needs and specifications for a website project. However, the first thing every company should consider is its budget, which will immediately rule out a number of web design agencies if you are working with spending restraints.

Next, it’s important to understand the experience and skill level associated with the firms on your shortlist. Also, pay attention to additional features a company may have available. For example, TopNotch Dezigns also specializes in building applications, if your company requires an app — it will likely take your project longer to complete.

On that note, it’s important to look into everything a company offers potential clients. Some web design firms may also specialize in a specific sector, meaning they may be a great fit or not be compatible at all with your company.

Are there any case studies my company can review? It is important to review previous projects or prototypes a web design company may have of its previous work. If they deliver quality work that is within your budget, it will likely be a good fit.

What happens if the project runs late? This is where you can discuss slight refunds if the web design firm misses a deadline, how it will handle delays, and how common delays are within the company. This conversation could help you decide which company to hire for your project.

Will the website be mobile-friendly? This seems like an obvious answer in the age of mobile devices, however, it may not be as straightforward as you think. It’s important for your business to ensure your website is fully functional on mobile devices.

What do you need from me? Building a great website is a collaborative effort. The best web design will happen when the client and customer work together in order to build something unique and forward-thinking.

There are numerous places online where your company can search for the best web design services. The above list is a great place to start for professional website designers who are a perfect fit for big projects. Communities such as Behance, Dribble, Coroflot, Portfoliobox, Fabrik, and Cargo are great places to find designers. There you will find large designers and freelancers that may be of use on smaller projects (more about those later).

You can also check various awards, where top website designers submit their work in the hope to elevate their name recognition within the industry and stand out to potential clients. Among the awards mentioned above the following are also available to help clients find the best website designers: Awwwards, The FWA, CSSDA, and the Webby Awards.

If you decide to work with a smaller company or a freelancer, you are likely guaranteed to work with the best of that team’s staff — which isn’t a guarantee when working with some of the larger firms. That doesn’t mean the junior designers aren’t talented, but it could mean they didn’t play a large role (or any, for that matter) in some of the company’s largest projects featured in the portfolio.

Smaller firms will likely have a lighter workload, meaning they can give your project more attention — while likely offering a cheaper rate.

But, there is more to it when it comes to making your final decision on which company to hire.

Source: Pexels

When developing a web design agencies work in relation to your shortlist is an essential task in hiring the right company to work with. If a designer is accustomed to making modern websites, with sleek integrations, and clear buttons then they may not be the best at creating a site for senior citizens.

It’s not impossible for that company to make a good website that doesn’t confuse those with little experience on the internet, yet there will likely be website design firms on your shortlist that specialize in that type of website.

Why is this aspect so important? Your target audience matters. It’s important to review a website design company to see if they are fulfilling the purpose of the website. If your website is geared toward driving people to read articles and subscribe to a newsletter, you need to gauge whether the firms on your shortlist are designing pages to convert visitors to sites in the way the owner wants.

You will also want to see if the websites they design have proper SEO optimization, as keyword placement is quite an important aspect of a web design agency’s task. It is also important to check if their sites load quickly in various browsers, contain relevant content, and works on various mobile devices.

When you and other decision-makers at your company have a shortlist of web design agencies that fit your brand and vision the best, there are a few important steps to take afterward. By the way, we suggest your shortlist contains at least five website designers to give you options and negotiating power if you are torn between two or three firms.

Once you have a shortlist decided upon, take these next steps before making your final decision:

  1. Every web design firm is different.

The most important thing you have to do after creating a shortlist is to familiarize yourself with each company. This is where you can see how brands handle their public-facing message. If something feels off, your company should investigate the rest of the shortlist to ensure you don’t begin working with a team with a vibe that doesn’t match your own.

Look at their website and social media presence, and spend a week or so completing the evaluation process as it will save headaches. You don’t want to have to deal with an issue later when your company could have avoided it by doing research. Don’t be afraid to hire or use a freelance you have a relationship with to research each of the website designers on the shortlist.

2. The best place to start with the evaluation process is each company’s website.

If they claim to deliver the best website design, their website should be modern, sleek, and have a great UI and UX. There isn’t an excuse for a web design agency to have a poor-looking website that lacks functionality. Companies with a regularly updated blog with tips should be a good sign; web design firms with glaring copywriting flaws, bugs throughout the website, or over-promise are warning signs.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with YouTube ads, with people promising you can make tens of thousands of dollars on the internet with a few weeks of work. If a web design agency promises to complete a professional and high-quality website in a few weeks, the company is likely lying, and you should keep your company far away from them.

3. Next, take a look at their social media, especially if you want branding help along with a website.

It’s not a good sign if a web design company never posts on various social media platforms or doesn’t seem aware of how to take advantage of social media to help its own brand compete with the competition. That isn’t to say a firm with a lacking social media presence doesn’t have someone internally that can help your brand with social media — however, that would raise questions as to why they weren’t spending the necessary capital to make use of that individual for their own marketing efforts.

A company with a great social media presence, with engaging posts, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is likely to be a great option. Be leary of accounts with high follower counts and low engagement, as it’s possible those companies may have purchased most of their followers. If you find out that is the case, your company shouldn’t work with them at all.

There are numerous software options your company can use to validate the authenticity of the followers of an account on various social media platforms. For example, a company like Modash checks followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. However, every account will have some fake followers, anything over 25% should raise an alarm.

A web design agency with knowledge of social media exposure will help your company take advantage of free marketing avenues to convert social media users into customers. Also take note of how each firm on your shortlist handles social media are they straightforward, do they have fun, or do they have a mixture of both? Find one that matches how you want to present your company and move from there.

Source: Pexels

4. Look at their website design portfolio.

Yes, newer companies may not have much of a portfolio, and that does not mean they aren’t talented or worth working with — but, you are likely to feel more comfortable with a company that has designed several websites in differing verticals.

A company without a lot of experience may be a match if they have done work in your vertical, but we would advise going with experienced website designers if you are looking for a less stressful process and freeing your mind from doubt. Look at live websites from those on your shortlist, test their functionality, and see if they are properly optimized for mobile performance.

5. Figure out your exact budget.

You may love a website agency, but if they are far out of your budget — it’s unlikely you will be able to talk them down. There will likely be a firm on your shortlist that fits into a reasonable budget for a professional website. If your preferred web design company is close to your budget, you may be able to engage them to bring down their price by a slight margin after some negotiation.

6. Finally, check online reviews regarding the companies on your shortlist.

Those will be more reliable than asking the agency directly for references. A company may seem great; however, if it has a string of poor reviews there is likely something going on behind the scenes that should cause you to hesitate before engaging the company yourself. However, if everything else seems great, it is worth reaching out to the company and bringing up the poor reviews to hear another side of what happened.

What Questions Should You Ask a Web Design Agency Before Hiring?

Are there any case studies my company can review?

It is important to review previous projects or prototypes a web design company may have of its previous work. If they deliver quality work that is within your budget, it will likely be a good fit.

What happens if the project runs late?

This is where you can discuss slight refunds if the web design firm misses a deadline, how it will handle delays, and how common delays are within the company. These conversations could help you decide which company to hire for your project.

Will the website be mobile-friendly?

This seems like an obvious answer in the age of mobile devices; however, it may not be as straightforward as you think. It’s important for your business to ensure your website is fully functional on mobile devices.

What do you need from me?

Building a great website is a collaborative effort. The best web design will happen when the client and customer work together in order to build something unique and forward-thinking.

What consulting services do you offer?

The best website design agencies include a range of consulting offerings that will help you develop your website with proper SEO, perform market analysis, develop content strategy, and next-level companies will help you implement social media marketing strategies on various platforms. If an agency offers full consulting services, it will be a great resource for your company.

How will you test the website?

One of the most important parts of launching a website is the testing phase. Unfortunately, custom web design means bugs and glitches will likely have to be ironed out before the website is handed over to you. Companies often handle the testing on an isolated server or using third-party software that creates a virtual environment where the site can go live away from the world wide web.

While each web design company has its proprietary method of designing websites, we have put together the typical process so you can understand what the process should look like.


As we spoke about earlier, the discovery process is typically the very first phase web design agencies will enter after being hired on a project. They may call it something else, but the best website designers will complete this developmental process. During discovery, a web design company (or freelancer) will do various workshops with a client to understand exactly what your goals all, narrow down the target audience, and get a definitive list of everything needed for the project. A research arm of the company will likely conduct native interviews or surveys with your customers to understand what they are looking for from a website. Many people in the industry will argue that the discovery phase is the most important part of the design process.


The research phase is where the design firms will research the competition within your vertical, and trends within the industry. They will compile in-depth reports and put together a strategy during this process.

UX Design And Wireframing

The User experience and wireframing will show you how the website will function and attempt to convert visitors into customers. The wireframing will allow you to see how users will navigate the site and interact with any calls to action.

Source: Pexels

Web Design Concept

This is where the artistic side of the site comes to life; after everything is mapped out within the sitemap, next comes the graphical interface. The website will be designed based on the information gathered during the discovery and research phases of the project. The web design company you hired will design your website based on your brand identity, what’s going on in your vertical, and attempt to create something better and more functional than your competitors.

UI Design

After the design concept is complete and the wireframes are in order, most web designers will continue with the user interface (UI) design. UI is how those who visit your site interact with the website itself. This is where fancy animations, illustrations, and other unique aspects of the site may come into play. If your website is more basic, the UI design will be rather straightforward.


What is a website without copy that stands out and grabs the attention of visitors? There is a healthy debate as to whether copywriting is more important than web design, as poor copywriting will cause a company to lose its message, leading to poor conversion rates. In this phase, you will work with a copywriter to write your message on the various pages of the website. When the final copy needs to be finished is also up for debate depending on how each web design firm operates, but this is typically where it will take place during the construction process.

Web Development

Web design agencies have to convert designs into various forms of coding to make sure the final copy is responsive and fully functional. Accessibility on mobile devices and various browsers. This is an extremely technical portion of the process, one where most website owners will lack expertise in.

The Top Web Design Mistakes

The internet is full of websites, many of which are poorly designed and do not grab the attention of visitors. Luckily, a lot of these makes are avoidable if you decide to use a professional web design agency with a proven track record. However, you must learn a few hints and tricks that will help you notice any possible mistakes and add your input as some points during the process.

These tips will be useful when having your website rebuilt or redesigned.

Clarity Is Key

Web design services exist to help you deliver a clear message to your customers or readers. If a website fails at delivering a clear message, visitors won’t know what your company or goal is all about. Great website design should bring together your vision, voice, and story as one cohesive unit.

Make Navigation Easy

It shouldn’t be difficult to navigate your site, even with fancy designs, users should be able to instantly understand have to surf from one part of your site to the other. Your call to action should be clear and present throughout the website, and top website design firms will know how to construct pages to ensure visitors will have ample opportunity to interact with the call to action if they have any desire to do so.

Use Links Properly

Simply put, make sure your links are labeled properly and don’t lead visitors anywhere else other than where they want to go. If a link is labeled to go to your ‘Blog’ and it takes visitors to the ‘About Us’ then your website has some problems. Luckily, those are easy to play, however, you need to ensure your site doesn’t launch with these issues.

Don’t Overwhelm With Information

Don’t put too much information on the website, as visitors will simply not read all of it. Information overload is a real thing on the internet, leading to the TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) acronym becoming widespread.

Work with your website designers to make sure copy is strong, to the point, and directs visitors to your call to action. Also, make sure information is easy to find including contact information, phone numbers, or how to quickly ask questions.

Make Sure Nothing Clashes

You don’t want your website to have visuals that are wildly disproportionate as they will look out of place, be jarring to the eye, and cause visitors to quickly navigate away from your site in general. The same can be said for clashing colors, web design agencies will likely have a good understanding of not making the colors crash on your website, but you also have to understand which color schemes work well with the human eye.

Make Sure Your Site Is Fully Optimized

This is the key to the internet in the modern era. Your website needs to be optimized on every page, without proper optimization for keywords your target audience is likely to use — you will absolutely lose out on key traffic and your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will suffer.

Professional web design agencies will understand the importance of optimizing every page, but it is in your best interest to engage them during the early phases of website development to understand exactly how the web design company plans on practicing proper SEO practices that will give your website the best opportunity to attract an audience.

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Thank you for checking out our list and frequently asked questions. Building a professional website is an important and daunting task. Take this information to heart, and constructing your next website will be a smooth process. Most of the questions you could have concerning finding a top web design agency have likely been addressed in this blog in some fashion.

We hope this information helps your journey in constructing a website a little easier!

Let’s face it, your website matters. That seems obvious, right? However, some forget that in the internet world, ascetics matter. Top website designers know a website must present a fantastic visual presentation to potential customers for them to engage with the information that will eventually sell them on giving their business to a particular company.

Why is this the case?

The internet contains millions upon millions of websites, each with its own design and hooks to keep people from surfing to another site. If your company is involved in the digital space, each of your competitors will have a website built to prevent customers from ever seeing your site.

Your company needs to have the best web design agencies create magic that captures the eye of anyone who lands on your homepage if you want to stand out from your competitors. Not to overhype the competition, but in the business world, especially during the current global economic climate — you want to give your company the best opportunity to thrive, scale, and reach each of your target metrics.

How does your company build an amazing website?

The only way to ensure your website will appeal to visitors and convert them into customers is to hire a professional web design firm. There are thousands of web design companies in the marketplace that claim to deliver the best-looking websites with sleek user interfaces which even computer novices will be able to navigate.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

When your business is on the line, you should only trust web design agencies with lengthy portfolios, proven results, and a commitment to producing high-quality websites that will help boost your company to the next level.

What about freelancers?

Freelancers are great for small and simple websites that don’t require long hours or complex coding. However, when it comes to larger projects, professional website designers with a wealth of resources will be a better option, especially if you have a firm deadline for the completion of the site.

What about building the site yourself? Won’t it be cheaper?

While taking the initiative and wanting to tackle a project like building a website is admirable, if you’re not a professional website designer, you should hire a web design company to take care of the construction for you. Building one on your own may seem cheaper; however, when taking into consideration how much longer it will take you to complete the website than a professional firm — it ends up being more cost-effective to go with the professionals.

A website is one of the most effective branding and marketing tools for your company in the modern age of the internet. While your web presence is only a portion of your company, it is one of the most forward expressions of your presence online. Potential and current customers experience your brand through your website; it is the most important strategic instrument in building a consistent consumer base.

The top six web design firms on the internet that can deliver professional web design services and help your brand stand out compared to the competition. We guarantee these firms will take your business to the next level.



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